New business opportunities and revenue models for a waste management company

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With growing urbanization the challenges of managing the cities is increasing. One such challenge knocking at the door of Indian cities is managing large quantities of the Municipal Solid Waste generated every day. Land is a scarce resource and finding adequate land in a city like Bangalore for disposing of garbage is likely to become even more difficult in the coming years. By 2030, the average MSW in the city is expected to rise by five times and locating more landfills would be nearly impossible.

Pensaar Design partnered with Hasiru Dala Innovations, to reimagine the waste business to identify new sources of revenue in waste management. Hasiru Dala Innovations is a social enterprise committed to creating predictable livelihoods for waste pickers. Research helped us map the Bangalore waste journey and identify key players in the ecosystem and design new business and monetization opportunities for Hasiru Dala.

Partnering as a strategy and innovation partner, we used insights from the research and co-created with the core team to mine, discover and set up alternate business solutions and revenue models that empower employees and waste management professionals. We used secondary research and ideation probes to explore new revenue opportunities that go beyond the obvious adjacent solutions.