Pensaar Design set out to pioneer the business of design that puts people first. Today almost 2.5 years later, we have helped over 4000 professionals build design thinking capabilities, and infused innovation competencies into over 50 companies across industries. 

Collaborating as coaches, consultants and even co-creators, we bring simplicity to complex problems by humanizing service, product and customer experience design. We imagineer businesses for the future, helping you stay relevant and grow with your customers.

Here’s how we can do it for you: 


about us

We are a team of strategists, researchers, visualizers and future-curious design thinkers who challenge norms to disrupt ‘business as usual’. Rapidly evolving technologies and consumer scapes bring urgent changes to the norm, demanding quick and impactful responses from businesses.

How do we prepare businesses to activate their potential in this environment? We think design everyday, pivoting businesses with human centered insights and context responsive design solutions

We are not just a design agency, we are a design thinking agency.

How does that differ you ask? Well, we don’t just design, we engineer ‘growth’ into your business.

OUR approach

Pensaar Design focuses on humanizing businesses and technologies. Approaching every problem, user first - we help decode, design and amplify the way customers respond to your business. 

We listen in, delving deep into user journeys and customer contexts to uncover opportunities. Opportunities, that we then nurture with strategic design solutions, rapid iterations, simulations and a host of proprietary creative tools.

And what’s more, our prototype driven approach ensures, your business solutions are not just designed, but perfected for real-world impact. 




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Enhancing user-journeys and customer experiences through insightful and responsive design, we have energized businesses across APAC, Americas and Europe. 

As coaches on simulations, counsels on strategic internal workshops and co-creators on projects , we design an innovation journey bespoke to your current and emergent needs.

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We enable businesses to create breakthrough solutions. Recognized as a powerhouse of innovation consultants and collaborative design facilitators, our methods are used with great success by organizations across sectors

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Our insights, learnings, and perspectives find an audience across respected publications and media. Take a look at what we have shared so far. 

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Headquartered in Bangalore, we instigate business growth across the globe with sharp, incisive thinking that unites employees, galvanizes leadership and activates impactful user experiences. Be it helping you scale ventures, sharpen brand experiences or deepen customer relationships, we prepare you for the future.

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