How Customer Centricity helps a business grow ?

Over the last century, there have been different sources of competitive advantage, until the recent times where customer centricity came to the limelight when it comes to galvanising the growth in business, beating the mere ability to manufacture a particular product/service. In fact, recent reports show that the growth of a company’s market share is commensurate with the intensity of customer centricity a company emanates. The shape that customer centricity takes in an organisation depends on whom they serve, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula which one can simply plug in. A company that truly embraces the corporate culture around its customer, ensures that departments don’t operate in silos when it comes to interpreting the data and the customer experience. In fact every individual at the company becomes a customer centric artist, striving to see things from the customer’s perspective, taking ownership of the ways that his or her work can directly or indirectly impact customers. Humanising businesses can be a major boon, in part because it allows companies to discover and identify potential areas for growth, where new products or services can be created to meet customer needs. When we put ourself in your customers’ shoes, we can more easily see what may be lacking for them—and that spells business opportunity. And this in turn makes companies come up with the right products, rather than perfect products which doesn’t completely satisfy the existing needs.