Pensaar took on the challenge of aiding the Sales teams of one of the world's leading eyewear manufacturers  in their operations across India. The challenge lay in dealing with increased competition from newer lens manufacturers, along with new internal policies that led to slower sales progress. The company thus aimed to empower and enable the sales force to be more effective.

Designing for Sales Efficiency

Adding value to the sales process; while ensuring a high standard of effectiveness across different competitive markets.

The main task was to understand requirements for sales in India -

• Understand how to empower sales with information & tools required to do their job faster & better

• Identify pre-sales tools & customer data required

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How we approached the problem

We conducted several in depth interviews across the sales system, from consultants, to managers, to retailers. Conducting the research across multiple cities within India also allowed us to uncover different challenges faced by different markets.  This methodology helped us to build a strong contextual understanding of the sales ecosystem, and the underlying needs, motives and concerns.

Tools Used

Research tool:


Love do matrix,


Synthesis tools:

Empathy Map

Affinity Mapping

Ideation tools:


Emerging Technology

Neue Kombinationen

Key Finding

The defining factor was that Customer Relationship was the difference between Sales efficiency and Sales effectiveness.

Through our research we found that the salesman did not need to spend his day meeting more customers; he had to make each meeting count more. In the current context, the salesman was unable to make each meeting count effectively.

We needed to enable him with the means to make his meetings count!


We conducted a co-creation workshop with a diverse representation from the various teams at the client’s end (Sales,IT, Marketing, Customer Service).

We combined several ideas from the different teams to together create a more holistic solution which not only solved the problem, but also created opportunities for the sales teams to have more impactful sales calls.

The various assumptions in terms of possible  solutions, were tested using rapid experiments conducted by sales teams on the field. This allowed for quick validation of concepts at a negligible cost.

Winning Concept - Providing simple visual data to a salesman in the form of a daily flash report, will ensure that he/she can have more effective conversations with the customer, which will lead to a better relationship.

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Outcomes & Solutions

The Solution

Providing relevant, up to date data to ensure the sales team has all the information required to have more effective sales calls with their customers.

The Outcome- 66% of the salesmen said that they had longer, more effective conversations.

Our initial hypothesis of the salesman’s need for data was proved in just 2 days using simple experiments; thus we were able to scale up with a working proof of concept.