Blended E-Commerce.

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an Indian conglomerate with significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors, was highly invested in creating Retail 3.0, meaning blended e-commerce.

Their focus was on EasyDay, a RE-IMAGINED food and grocery store driven by local communities, that aimed to give its customers a modern and personal shopping experience.


Pensaar Design was approached with the  challenge to create an omni channel shopping experience that is not just highly personalised, but also engages communities.

With a vision to make EasyDay stores future ready, offering retail experiences that go beyond transactional needs, we went ahead with our research process.

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how can we engage communities to better an experience?


Pensaar Design successfully translated consumer understanding and insights into meaningful experiences, given Easyday’s goals of not only making shopping quicker, but also much more experiential.

The beta version has already been implemented across 10 locations, and Future Group has plans to expand Retail 3.0 beyond urban markets, connecting all of India.