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There was a prevailing belief that the perception of preservatives in their products was affecting further increase in sales.


Pensaar Design first set out to research the perception of preservatives in products.

We conducted in-depth research with users and non-users to understand their opinion of the product category. We then broadened the research to understand the role packaging plays in influencing perception.

Eventually we mapped attitudes to preservatives in different food categories and understand the roles that messaging, color and imagery on the package played, in the eventual pick up of the product.

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How to make the product more relevant to customers?

People looking for convenience also want longer shelf lives.

There is an ingrained bias that comes with packaged food.

Need to make the product hit closer to home, to make it more relevant.


The insights from the research confirmed that the presence of preservatives is not a factor that affects sales. It is a ‘good to have’ not ‘a need to have’ for people looking for convenience anyway. These insights shaped the marketing communication proposition going forward.