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Pensaar Design set out to pioneer the business of design that puts people first. Today almost 2.5 years later, we have helped over 4000 professionals build design thinking capabilities, and infused innovation competencies into over 50 companies across industries. 

Collaborating as coaches, consultants and even co-creators, we bring simplicity to complex problems by humanizing service, product and customer experience design. 

We imagineer businesses for the future helping you stay relevant and grow with your customers. Here’s how we can do it for you:

Customer Research | Experience Innovation | Culture of Innovation

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Uncover unmet customer needs : Help you identify customer experience pain points

Build customer insights : Help you develop a deep understanding of your customers

Decode customer expectations : We help your business discover new opportunities

Define customer segmentations : We co-create with you to better target customers

We help you know your customers better.



Product Design: We re-imagine your current offerings for the new-age consumer-scape, co-creating innovative solutions for your growth.

Service Design: We help you enhance the quality of interaction with your customers by instigating strategic service design solutions.

Process Design: We augment how your company delivers products & services to create optimal customer experiences and interactions.

UI/ UX Design: We help you optimize how customers experience your software solutions.

We help you create awesome customer experiences

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Innovation signature: Assessment: We decode your organization's culture to assess it’s competencies, innovation capabilities and growth trajectory.

Innovation signature: Diagnosis & Prescription: We co-create and counsel, and guide your teams in implementing an innovation driven culture.

Leadership Training: We work with the leadership, mapping future markets and growth trajectories in high-intensity visioning & strategy workshops.

Upskill innovation skills: We infuse innovation into your business by upskilling teams with new skills, perspectives and innovation tools.

We enable your people to grow with the evolving market demands.

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