Solving for Increased efficiency and reduced costs for fleet owners 

A multinational automobile manufacturer operating in India, realized that increased cost of their trucks posed the problem of decreased sales. They aimed to solve this without compromising on their commitment to quality. 


In India, around 10 to 15% of product cost can be attributed to logistics, which is significant compared to other economies. Logistics companies in India are fast evolving, but this progress does not come without challenges. A predominant mode of freight cargo transportation is via road. Nearly 60% of the total movement of goods is done by road transportation, which proves to be quite inefficient, because of poor road infrastructure, multiple checkpoints, and congestion.

Pensaar Design immersed in deep ethnographic research to map crucial eco-systems within the trucking industry to develop emerging market strategy that enabled fleet owners with improved revenues and greater profitability. The co-creation exercise minimized truck idle time to benefit both fleet owners and businesses.

Looking at the problem from its roots and not just polishing the periphery, the Pensaar team spoke to end users, the truck drivers, brokers and fleet owners to understand their queries and needs. This helped us get a thorough understanding of the goals and behavior of a group of users.

Also, the team held joint sessions with the stakeholders to build empathy towards the customers and employees. Design thinking co-creation was held to get to insights. The Empathy Map drew out user’s words, actions, thoughts and feelings to fully comprehend user needs.


Equipped with all the research insights we proposed mobile based solutions for services beyond Fleet Management System. Solutions involved leveraging data inputs from the connected trucks and provided one-stop solutions by connecting all stakeholders involved in transportation.