Financial loan calls to remember

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The organization had a call center for lead generation and closure.

The motive was to work with the employees to:

  • Delight clients with the calling experience

  • Significantly improve call center productivity


We believe extensive research is the best foundation to start dealing with a problem. With that in mind, the team spent two days at the call center.

They observed the activities and behavior of the employees on call and did contextual inquiries into the same. The team listened to 25 call recordings and got a firsthand experience of calling into the service as well. It also reviewed prior findings with 90 customers and completed secondary research on loan market for small businesses.

Equipped with this, we held joint sessions with key stakeholders to bring them up to speed on both the customer as well as the employee front. This was followed by an Insight Generation exercise.

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what insights can we generate?

Fragmented communication resulting in repetition of loan criteria. This significantly reduces agent productivity.

Insufficient documentation of small business information, affecting proactive follow up.

Services offered need to be communicated more holistically vs. in silos.

Mismatch of communication between sales and marketing teams was making the experience tedious.

New technology integration caused more dissonance, increasing manual work and making  calls more transactional, thereby detracting from the overall experience.


Reduced friction points in the loan application process and made an otherwise frustrating or tedious process quick, easy and delightful; thereby aligning to the client vision of providing working capital finance to SMEs in India ensuring a memorable, lasting experience.