Envisioning The Future Of Transportation

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Increased cost of their trucks posed the problem of decreasing sales. Their aim was to solve this without compromising on their commitment to quality.


Identifying the root cause of the problem and solving it from the base level, is at the core of our approach. To get that, an extensive ethnographic research was conducted among the following:

  • Fleet Owners

  • Drivers

  • Brokers

Looking at the problem, we spoke to end users, the truck drivers to understand their queries and needs. This helped us get a thorough understanding of the goals and behavior of a group of users.

Also, the team held joint sessions with the stakeholders to build empathy towards their employees and customers. Design thinking co-creation was held to get to insights. The Empathy Map drew out users’ words, actions, thoughts and feelings to fully comprehend user needs.



Empathy Map

Affinity Mapping

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to understand users’ behavior and grab insights

For Driver: Make first trip like it’s the second one. Truck driving is a lonely job and many a times new locations put drivers out of their comfort zone.

For Fleet Owner: Minimizing Truck Idle time is key to total cost of operation.


Conceptualized mobile based solutions for services beyond Fleet Management Systems.

Solutions involved leveraging data inputs from the connected trucks and connecting all stakeholders involved in transportation.


We helped the company understand driver behavior & needs in tandem with fleet owner expectations. We also helped them see the impact that optimizing operating costs for fleet owners could have. This in turn would address the underlying challenge of decrease in sales for the automobile company.