Strategy And Experience Design.

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They were looking to improve the experience for call center agents so they in turn can provide a unique experience for their end-customers – the Sellers on the portal.

Our objective was to

  • Represent all the data that the support agent needs in a cogent form,  so he can in turn answer all the seller’s queries in the best way possible..

  • Give the end-customer an unparalleled support experience that beats his expectation.


We began by carrying out contextual inquiries and user research with the sellers to understand their journey through the process and their pain points.

This was followed by a co-creation session with the stakeholders, during which we generated key insights based on our research and observations.

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what are the insights


Agents just want the call to end, don’t focus on solving issues.

Agents enjoy a strong support system with their fellows.

Monotony of the job gets to them.

Equipped with these insights, we thought of possible strategies to create and build empathy among the agents as well as with the end customers. Each idea was then storyboarded to showcase the entire end-to-end experience. We then tested the same with the users. Testing is an important step in the process as it re-affirms or demolishes your assumptions.


With the key insights and strategies in mind, the team created wireframes which were then converted to visual design specifications. The visual style sheets were updated on the website as new visual elements and/or hierarchy were created.


Built a strong network of support between agents and sellers. It promoted productive behavior among the agents by using technology to provide useful support to them. The solutions embodied a mind shift change from being transactional to human interaction based.