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Design for Financial Inclusion.

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Dvara Research is a financial systems policy research institution in India with a mission to ensure that every individual and every enterprise has complete access to financial services.

The Pensaar team was approached for our expertise in conducting deep, qualitative, BEHAVIOURAL research.

Research Objective

Conduct in-depth qualitative  research of the newly banked, migrant and DFS (Digital Financial Service) initiated population in India to identify opportunity areas for greater financial inclusion.  

  • Understand DECISION MAKING, coping mechanisms and saving strategies

  • Elicit STORIES from people on an uncomfortable topic like personal finances

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how to connect with the customers’ ecosystem?

We interacted with 100+ customers across 5 cities through our research phases of deep qualitative research, rapid experimentation, prototype research, longitudinal research and application testing. We also connected with our customers’ ecosystem to better understand our customer interactions, information & decision making.

Financial Freedom being the main focus, we designed  a mobile-based application that provides its users with easy, flexible and tailored solutions to help them REALIZE their financial goals. We have built the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with the aim of inculcating the habit of saving and building confidence to take financial decisions.

Key insights from the research:

  • Managing and balancing Money In and Money Out has beaten the happy out of money

  • Resilience strategies ensure people stay on the path of personal financial management