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design thinking summit - unfold possibilities


Learn how to innovate     #unfoldpossibilities


The annual Design Thinking Summit by Pensaar Design is a 3-day experiential workshop where you learn by solving a real problem. A diverse group of people put their heads together to solve yet another challenge. Pensaar Design is setting stage in India for the ultimate revolution in Design Thinking. Embodying the mission to raise awareness about design thinking and its impact ‘The Design thinking Summit’ is a giant leap in that innovation focused direction.

Like always we aim to bring creative minds together across multiple functions. We believe diversity with collaboration unlocks innovation and drives growth.



DAY 1: Build Empathy with techniques and tools to better understand your users. Articulate Insights that inspire innovation.

DAY 2: Identify Customer Benefits and push the boundaries on ideation using our carefully curated tools.

DAY 3: Fail fast, fail cheap. Identify Key Assumptions about your solution and run Rapid Experiments.

Who is it for?

If you’re an academic, product manager, engineer, designer, writer or entrepreneur, you should be here. An interactive playground for problem solvers and innovators looking to leave a deep impact by truly understanding their end users.



Central Pergola

IIM Bangalore


Revathi : +91 97429 27775