Business Transformation


Waste Management and Sustainability company across MENA region


One of our biggest challenges was to understand the scope of waste disposal and segregation in Bangalore. We conducted contextual inquiries, visited dumping & segregation grounds, spoke to waste pickers and households to understand their disposal habits. Involving key policy influencers also gave us a view into the waste life cycle, and the challenges that arise in the enforcement of proper waste management systems.  

This research  exposed gaps that needed to be addressed and challenges that needed immediate solving.

A co-creation with stakeholders to define a vision for the company before narrowing down to key solution. Experiments were designed keeping priority solutions in mind, to then execute on the field and gauge which ones would work best.

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insights to initiate behaviour change

Practitioners don’t get to see the end result of their efforts

Social proof is a strong motivator

Negative impact of behavior not immediately palpable


The visioning exercise helped define a clear vision and build new revenue models. The vision was to enable “Today’s waste pickers to become tomorrow’s circular economy practitioners”; and to empower their transition from being physical workers to being knowledge workers.