MY STARTUP IDEA: StayAbode and Pensaar founders on their eureka moments

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'I wanted to bring the human factor into software': Deepa Bachu. 

The idea: Pensaar, Consulting service for innovation

Eureka moment: 
"I was always looking at bringing the human factor into software," says Deepa Bachu of her experience of working as an engineer in the US. She returned to India, while working for Intuit. "I worked for ten years with Intuit. In 2012, I decided it was time to do something different, help companies in building solutions that will bring them closer to their customers."

Initial days: She put together a plan along with co-founder Venugopal Ganganna, went out and asked a lot of people if this was a service they would be interested in. They found their first customer, a learning institute in Bengaluru. They were just two people then.Now: The company has around 50 customers in sectors like retail and e-commerce and a team of 15 people.